Grit Cakes with Shrimp

Grit Cakes with Shrimp is a fantastic way to use leftover grits. We freeze them, cut them and fry them to golden brown patties. Top them with delicious shrimp and. you have a whole new meal!

–Leftover prepared grits – All purpose flour – Olive oil – Pinch of salt – Butter – pinch of pepper -Cooked Shrimp


Once grits are cool enough to handle, pour them in a greased loaf pan or casserole dish. Make sure you have at least enough grits to cover about a half an inch of the bottom of the pan. Put a little plastic wrap right next to the surface of the grits and cover. Freeze them at least 2 hours or overnight.


Carefully remove frozen grits and cut into squares.


Mix up flour, salt and pepper in a shallow dish. Roll each square in flour mixture.


In a cast Iron or heavy skillet, melt olive oil and butter over medium heat. Once bubbling, place grit cakes in and fry for 3 minutes.


Carefully flip and fry other side for 3 more minutes or until golden brown.Feel free to add more oil and butter if needed.


Drain, stack and serve with cooked shrimp over the top. We like to garnish ours with diced green onions.

Step 6

Take those pan drippings and mix in some more butter and lemon juice and make a delicious pan sauce for the shrimp. Drizzle it over the top and it can change the whole taste of the dish.

Make It Your Own

Serve and Enjoy!