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How to Make the Best Mississippi Roast

Mississippi Roast takes a classic crock pot recipe and makes it over the top. We add pepperoncini peppers for a zip of spice to balance the richness of the roast. Slow cooked to perfection swimming in butter.

Let’s get started!

– Boneless Beef  Chuck Roast – Plain flour for searing – Water – salt and pepper -  Ranch seasoning – Pepperoncini peppers - Au Jus seasoning – Pepperoncini pepper juice – butter

How to Make It!

 Salt, pepper and flour your roast. Sear in a hot pan 2-4 minutes on each side forming a nice crust. This step guarantees a tender, fall apart Roast.

Slow Cook!

1. Pour water in crock pot and place roast inside. 2. Sprinkle Ranch and Au Jus seasoning on top. Place pepperoncinis all around the roast and drizzle in the pepper juice. 3. Put that entire glorious stick of butter on top and pop that lid on and cook on low for 6-8 hours.

Serve and Enjoy!

This is great all on its own. You can also serve over potatoes or rice. That Gravy is delicious!

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