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Peach and Pecan Custard Pie

Peach and Pecan Pie is the perfect combination of texture added to a smooth custard pie. Perfect for family gatherings and the Holidays it is your new pie favorite!

Let’s get started!

What You Need

Peaches Pie Crust           Salt Sugar                 Milk                 Flour Cornstarch        Eggs Vanilla             Unsweetened Pecan Halves.     Yogurt

How to Make It!

Add Peaches and Pecans to unbaked pie shell.

Next Step!

Mix all wet ingredients for custard.

Pour over and top!

Pour custard over and top with reserved peaches and pecans.

Bake and Rest

Bake according to directions and allow to rest one full hour!

Serve and Enjoy!

Slice and have plain or top with a scoop of Ice Cream!

Summer Dessert Perfection

Capture the taste of late summer with this delicious pie!

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