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Home for the Holidays Simmer Pot

Home for the Holidays Simmer Pot is a blend of fresh citrus, pepper and aromatic rosemary to simmer on top of your stove. The smells and sounds of the Holidays are memory invoking things to add to your Holiday home and we are here to help you with that!

Let’s get started!

What You Need

– Fresh Rosemary Sprigs – Water – Lemons – Whole Peppercorns – Vanilla Extract or Vanilla bean

How to Make It!

Slice your lemons and add to a large pot of the water. Lightly squeeze your rosemary sprigs to release the oils and add to the water.

Next Step!

Add peppercorns to water with lemons and rosemary.

Add Vanilla!

Add Vanilla or vanilla bean.


Set on the stove and set your heat setting to simmer or low and enjoy!