How to Make Sugar free BBQ Rub

Sugar Free BBQ Rub is a sweet little six ingredient fix for all of your BBQ needs. We let the protein shine without adding sugar. Just delicious and naturally sweet dry flavor components.

– Onion Powder – Dried thyme – Garlic powder – Cayenne – Paprika – Salt


Combine and Mix! There really isn't that much to it.


Massage it well on your preferred protein and allow to sit for at least one hour.


If you wanted to let it marinate overnight, that is even better. Place in a zip top bag and refrigerate.


Yes! We love spicy but know that not everyone does. Feel free to leave it out or replace it with another savory spice. The sky is the limit.

Can I leave out the Cayenne?

I like to mix this up and keep it in a jar. I will double or triple the recipe so I can have it on hand whenever I need it.


Try it out for yourself!

You will never miss the sugar!